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Helping to develop leadership skills, emotional Intelligence and resilience, by using creative practices and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), through theater and other form of arts. 

About Me

I am a social entrepreneur, actor and educator, who has concentrated in trauma informed practices and Social and Emotional Learning, through creative arts and theater. I have worked in the international development sector for 20 years, as a manager and social entrepreneur, leading educational initiatives that have used technology, online collaborative learning and innovative methodologies to improve the quality of education, empowering teachers and youth, promoting a global culture of diversity and inclusion and helping to develop transformational leadership skills.


My Work

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Capacity Building

Social Initiatives Management

I am an independent consultant, social entrepreneur, strategic leader and experienced manager well-versed in social initiatives in education.
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Andrea Aranguren Workshops

Workshops & Conferences

I facilitate workshops, international conferences and events for students, parents, teachers and other staff at schools and other organizations in the education sector. 
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Andrea Aranguren Teaching


As an educator, I have worked internationally, teaching acting, voice, creativity, Theater for Social Change and Social and Emotional Learning through interactive theater based activity and trauma informed practices.
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As an actress I have worked in plays and performances in stages around the world, including New York, Washington DC and Buenos Aires.
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Andrea Aranguren in a play
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