I am a Social Entrepreneur

Actor & Educator

who has concentrated in trauma informed practices and Social and Emotional Learning, through creative arts and theater.

I have worked in the international development sector for 20 years,

as a manager and social entrepreneur, leading educational initiatives that have used online collaborative learning to improve the quality of education, empowering teachers and youth, promoting a global culture of diversity and inclusion and helping to develop transformational leadership skills. As a teacher, I have worked nationally and internationally with underserved students through various organizations including CUNY-Brooklyn College, the New York Film Academy and ENACT, where I have taught Acting, Theater for Social Change and Social and Emotional Learning.  

I have just completed Master in Drama Therapy program at the

Instituto Superior de Estudios Psicológicos (ISEP) in Madrid, Spain. I have also completed a Master in Fine Arts in Theater from CUNY-Brooklyn College and a Master of Business Administration (MBA), with specialization in Transformational Leadership and Non-Profit Management, from University of Cape Town/New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

Andrea acting

I have worked at the following organizations:

ENACT Inc. (New York, USA), The India Group (New York, USA), iEARN USA (New York, USA), CUNY-Brooklyn College, New York Film Academy, Organization of American States (Washington D.C., USA), The International Institute for Communication and Development/SchoolNet Africa/Mindset Network (Johannesburg, South Africa), AIESEC/Open Society for Southern Africa/Ungana Afrika (Johannesburg, South Africa).

Andrea Aranguren teaching

I have dedicated my career to helping people take their own path of self discovery to improve their wellbeing

I have learned that life can confront us with very challenging and traumatic situations, that can be very painful and at the same time can strengthen us. I believe that, through our tough times, we can not only become resilient and thrive, but we can learn to find meaning and a better way of living, by reconnecting with our creativity and what we like to do the most and that makes us happy.